Recreational Gymnastics

Jollettes Gymnastics aims to introduce gymnastics and physical fitness to our children as early as possible making it a way of life for them. Our program concentrates on the fun and fitness of recreational gymnastics, which incorporates artistic, aerobics, rhythmic, acrobatic, trampolining and performance gymnastics.

Physical Fitness, Co-ordination, Spacial Awareness and Cardiovascular Fitness are just some of the benefits of our program. Recreational Gymnastics has been linked to education, language development and academic achievement in children. There is also a strong link to good behaviour patterns and increased self esteem.

Recreational Gymnastics is a fantastic fundamental sporting activity, as it gives your child the basic skills needed for any physical activity they wish to pursue in the future. The enjoyment and FUN of movement and sport at an early age will encourage children to continue physical activity into old age.

Our classes are non-competitive and are always conducted with a sense of fun – childhood is all too short.