Development Squad

Although Jollettes Gymnastics’ emphasis is on Recreational Gymnastics with access for children of ALL skill levels, we recognise that some of our members reach a stage where they might benefit from learning more challenging skills and a longer training session. Whilst our focus is still primarily on having fun (there are other gymnastics clubs which we can refer members to if they want to move up to the more stringent competitive gymnastics), our Development Squad members do take part in our In-House competitions (both locally and Jollettes-wide). These competitions give them a chance to show off the skills they have mastered and provides a little friendly competition. Our Development Squad members also take part in various displays throughout the year. Look for us at your local Community Show.

Our Development Squads are usually filled via invitation. Our Development Squad and Head Coaches are always looking out for gymnasts who might be ready to join the squads. Periodically, gymnasts will be asked to “try out” for the squad. These try-outs often take place towards the end of the year to fill spots left vacant by current squad members who might be leaving.

As the Development Squads are generally restricted to a specific number of members to allow for the most effective coaching ratio, there are times where gymnasts might be ready for the squad but the squad isn’t ready for them. We try to keep these delays as short as possible.