Air Floor Tumbling

Have fun and learn tumbling skills on the New ‘AirFloor’, an inflatable tumbling track with a spring similar to a trampoline. Enjoy a fun filled hour of physical fitness learning basic spring, landing and tumbling skills on a safe, soft surface designed to alleviate jarring to the body.

Unlike the Recreational Gymnastic program that is conducted in a basketball court size venue, the AirFloor Tumbling Program is mobile with all equipment transported in a trailer and easily set up in smaller venues similar to primary school undercover areas and small local community centres.

This program incorporates the use of the specialized equipment from Europe and the USA, like mini bars and beam, the AirFloor, Launch Pad and backflip chair. Matting is used under all equipment to maintain a safe environment for the children.

The following Jollettes Centre host AirFloor Tumbling classes with more being added in the near future.

Birthday Parties
If you are able to organize a hall large enough to fit the AirFloor 10m x 2m with power access we can come along a give your child and all of their friends an hour of gymnastics FUN. For more information and cost involved please contact Renay Jol on 0419 915 115.